I am reading this great book by Molly O’Malley. “No object, person, or experience will ever bring you the deep and lasting peace that comes from simply being open to life,” writes Mary and embracing your authentic, unique self.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employee, a business partner or a client; it’s human nature to judge and compare ourselves to others. This affects how we view our success, how we perform in our jobs and how we look and feel about ourselves.

In my study of how image affects our well-being, I discovered that 97% of us feel “not good enough” in some areas of our lives. And what if the one thing that would really empower you and make you feel really good about yourself is the one thing you keep hiding?

It’s my belief that no two people were put on this earth to be alike. Yet we try to imitate a look we see on someone else, or we try to emulate how someone else acts. “Fake it till you make it” is not the answer. We can see straight through a person who’s inauthentic.

I believe that the one thing you need to have the breakout career you desire or the fulfilling relationships you long for is to align with your authentic energy. And having successful relationships comes from authentically aligning with your own personality and having the confidence to let that shine through!

Your core energy is different from a learned personality. Your core energy is your innate qualities and natural behaviors that come out when you don’t even think about it. These qualities emerge naturally when you’re doing what you love! It’s your most authentic way of being, and it’s effortless.

Building greater confidence, influence  and greater credibility in your daily life stems from creating a personal brand that emanates from your core traits and personality. Your personal brand is uniquely YOU and is your specific signature in the world.

We all want to stand out and be recognized for our accomplishments. First we need to recognize those abilities within ourselves that will be our “calling card” in our area of influence to obtain the goals we desire.

And if you would like assistance to create your personal brand, I would love to help you create your best image!