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Creating a Powerful Personal Image

Discover how your personal image influences how others perceive you — instantly!  The importance of a consistent image is the foundation in creating trust and credibility in your personal and professional life.  During this presentation you will learn how brand management is not just your physical presence and how you present yourself to the world, but your mental and emotional essence which reflects your true character.

Did you know that most communication is 93% non-verbal and 7% verbal?  Uncover the secrets to how our non-verbal language impacts your communication with others. 

Learn how to:

  • Instantly assess and improve your personal brand
  • Refine your social presence and personal appearance
  • Create a strategic presence that reflects their peak potential
  • Build value in your organization by accentuating your team’s overall image

How to Empower Your Team for Greater Confidence, Influence and Credibility

In this presentation you will discover the impact you make on others though self-awareness and self-management strategies.  Learn how your overall image instantly impacts others from the inside/out.

Discover how interpersonal skills such as body language, personal communication and listening skills can either influence others, or place a barrier between you and your team.

Learn how to:

  • Develop effective business etiquette and communication skills
  • Enhance your business communication style instantly
  • Build more trust and credibility with your team
  • Convey integrity and goodwill from your overall appearance inside and out

Dressed for Success

In this presentation you will learn how to establish a polished personal presence.  Uncover the secrets to creating instant credibility and confidence in the workplace. 

Learn how your personal image reflects how you show up in business culture and how to best align your image with that of the company’s brand. Discover how to enhance your personal style in any business setting.

Learn how to:

  • Enhance your best assets with a personal color analysis
  • Impact a polished image by knowing how to best work with you body shape
  • Dress with integrity using fashion personality styles
  • Accentuate your company’s value as an company asset
  • Pull it all together to create a polished presence that works best for your company’s brand

All the presentations above can be tailored to best fit your needs.  Contact us today to learn how. 

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