How does emotional intelligence impact our professional lives?

As an image consultant and brand management strategist, I empower employees to use emotional intelligence applications in their work environment. These strategies impact their productivity and lead to greater success. Research has forecasted emotional intelligence to be a better predictor of success. Scientists realized there must be another variable that explains success above and beyond one’s IQ. People can now improve their EQ and make a positive impact upon their lives.

The four emotional intelligence skills are combined under two categories: personal competence and social competence. Personal competence is made up of our self-awareness and self-management skills which focus more on you individually than on your interactions with other people. Personal competence is our ability to stay aware of your emotions and manage your behavior and tendencies. Social competence is made up of our social awareness and relationship management skills. Social competence is your ability to understand other people’s moods, behavior and motives in order to improve the quality of your relationships.



Self-awareness is a foundational skill; when you have it, self-awareness makes the other emotional intelligence skills much easier to use. When you are self-aware you are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities and put your strengths to work.

Relationship management is your ability to use your emotional awareness of yourself and also of others at the same time to manage interactions successfully. This insures successful communication and effective handling of conflict. Relationship management is also the bond you build with others over time.