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What is Personal Image Brand Management?

image of young corporate workersImage Management is creating an authentic, appropriate and consistent personal and professional image which increases confidence, credibility, capability, and productivity while contributing to continuing success.

A personal image or brand is the continuing, pro-active process of evaluating and implementing your presence in the corporate world. The impact of a positive personal image on others allows you and your team to exceed your goals both socially and professionally.

Another way to describe this is your professional presence. This all relates to how we show up in the world, how we look, our sense of self, and attests to our confidence and credibility in the world.

Your organization can’t afford to ignore the improvement of personal brand management. The cost for organizations is very clear, including an overall poor professional imprint. This results in lower productivity, disrespect from others, lack of trust, poor judgements, lack of corporate professionalism, plus lack of confidence and self-esteem.

image of young corporate womanDeveloping presence in the workplace helps you win others’ trust by demonstrating integrity and goodwill, position you and your organization as leaders to win contracts, promotions and build instant report with prospects and clients.

The most successful companies invest in the image of their most important asset, their employees. Dressed For Success Image Consulting offers a variety of exceptional services for organizations tailored to fit your needs.

Dressed For Success Image Consulting Offers:

  • Personalized reflection on you and your teams personal and professional goals
  • Evaluation to express individual style while defining a polished professional image
  • Insight to uncover and highlight personal essence and style
  • More influence and credibility in the workplace with a polished look
  • Personal branding which helps you and your team stand out allowing you to leverage your image and project a consistent personal brand
  • Discovery and emphasize on your and your teams true essence to capitalize peak potential

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