photo of Nancy GiaimoNancy Giaimo is the founder of Dress For Success Image Consulting.  She has a passion for helping women and men feel confident about themselves by maximizing their potential in creating a polished image through their appearance, behavior and communication. 

She works with corporations to create an image and brand that is based upon each person’s own unique personality, values and character which brings out their authenticity and absolute best. 

In the business world you are judged at first glance when you are hired, when being considered for advancement opportunities, and for being respected by your peers. 

Your personal image speaks louder than words. One’s posture and presence is a non-verbal language that should speak of confidence, credibility and accessibility. And your choice of what you wear and how you carry yourself can speak volumes about who you are before anyone has the chance to get to know you.

Nancy has been an image consultant for many years and has done extensive work in color analysis and makeup application. Having a strong interest in art, she studied interior design and went on to develop her own design business working with home interiors and staging homes. She also expanded her business to provide relocation management and professional organizing services.

Nancy is a naturally creative “type” and has found a perfect balance between work and artistic expression. She has applied her numerous years of experience in interior design creating scale, balance and harmony to image consulting and personal branding in satisfying the needs and desires of her clients to help them achieve their greater potential. She takes a holistic approach that is customized to each client’s needs making them look and feel their best from the inside out.

Details matter in life. Especially when it comes to your success. Creating a positive image includes creating your own unique personal brand and style.

Nancy has created a proven system that brings out the best qualities for her clients.  Her system includes clothing selection, posture, behavioral and communication styles that create a cohesive package for both her corporate and personal clients.